From here on out!

This sentence in the OA step book caught my eye “We now say yes to this Power, deciding from here on to follow spiritual guidance in making every decision.”


How many times have I actually done that, close to none.

Does that mean that I am still trying to take my weight into my own hands, every decision I make into my own hands.  Probably?

And, I of all people, should just know better.  Because it is not I in the final analysis that has all power and control, it is something or someone else that does.  My husband’s death for instance is a prime example.  I wanted to be a wife, and that is what I signed up for.  His death of suicide in the end just a little over a year later, proved that I did not have that control.

So why don’t I say “yes” to this Power and turn to it every time I make a decision.

Ahhh, yet another muscle to flex in this journey we call healing.

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