A new God, is that possible?

Can you imagine throwing out all old concepts of a God that just was not working for you?

I find that this is the hardest part about step two.  We grew up so ingrained with our faith and now step two asks that we toss aside all aspects of the God we knew that just are not working for us and we envision what it is that we would like the “new” God to do for us.  Start fresh with our higher power, WOW!

This is new territory for me…scary but yet exciting.  I get to create and envision my higher power any way I want.  Not the way that I had been “brainwashed” to believe.

God, as I struggle with peanut butter cups, whoppie pies, and even Fiber One cereal please stop me from taking that first bite…there I said it!  Something so trivial but that is exactly what I need and want.

God as I go to the registry tomorrow, show me patience.  As I conduct my consultative call, show me wisdom.  As I deal with my dysfunction family, especially my dad, show me compassion.  And as I spend time with the love of my life Paul, show me love.

Love of my life!

There you have it, I did it!

My new higher power, working just for me.

Hey new higher power, thanks for helping me get to day #9 abstinent and free!

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