Smart girl

I have always been a rather smart girl.  So while others have prayed to God not to be fat and have continued eating, I knew that this was not just going to work.

While we can pray to God, we also very much so need to do our own part.

It  is science, calories in and calories out.

God helps them who helps themselves.

Have I thought that other measures would take away the fat and I could continue to eat.  Sure, I have had liposuction in a desperate measure to eliminate my fat.  Right after the liposuction, one of the most painful surgical experiences ever, I went right on eating all the things I should have never eaten.  Did I think that I could just continue to eat terribly and have the fat sucked out of me at a high cost?

What deceptive thinking the disease of compulsive overeating gets us in.  Distorted if you ask me!

So, yes, I have begun to pray to God to help me abstain from my binge and trigger foods on a daily basis.  However, I do not expect that my prayers will be answered if I do not do the work that I need to do.  And while you might think that is the work of watching what I eat, it goes much deeper than that…it is the work on my self emotionally that will make all the difference.

Here’s to day #8 of abstinence!  Hooray, one day at a time!

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