The new me!

New Me:


I desperately would like to become more loving, kind and compassionate.


In addition, I would like to become more fiscally responsible as well.





I am loving, kind and compassionate to my significant other, family, friends and co-workers each and every day.


I make fiscally responsible decisions each and every day.



Action steps for the next week:


1.  Call my mom and reach out to my dad to express my gratitude towards them.

2.  Thoughful gift for my signficant other to let him know I appreciate him being in my life.

3.  Send a congrats to the end  of a fiscal year to my staff – e-card?


1.  To think before I spend each and every dollar.

2.  To avoid extraneous spending on books and other “small” items that tend to add up.

3.  Only go to the grocercy store for what is absolutely needed and necessary.



Who I am right now in relation to this quality


Today, I oftentimes feel very time crunched and feel as if I do not have a moment to spare to spend the time and to be conscious of my family and my relationships with them.  I also harbor some anger and resement towards them as well.  I truly need to begin investing in the relationships that matter to me the most.


In addition, I am tending to spend very impulsively and on small items that tend to add up to large ones i.e.multiple books per week.  Also, when I shop, I tend to purchase more than what it is that I need.  At this point, I tend to be spending more than I am saving and this has not always been the case in my life.


“Once you choose a quality, the universe presents iteself with plenty of opportunities to practice!  Stand tall and face the challenges head on.”

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