A new journey begins

These are the things I have done right over the past year:


1.  Ended a bad relationship with an alcholoic

2.  Straight A’s Masters program

3.  Completed department restructure

4.  Long-range planning retreat with CLT

5.  Long-range plan approval

6.  Holidays with family

7.  Dating and dumping

8.  Planning NCDC conference

9.  Survived bad winter

10.  Finding me

11. Grandma’s death

12.  Knowing and finding a great guy – Paul!

13.  Therapy

14.  Start major gifts program

15.  Self work

16.  Teaching workshops on fund development

17.  AFP – RI Conference organizing

18.  OA group

19.  Travel and meeting with donors

20.  Friendship

21.  Consulting

22.  Quitting Masters

23.  Healthy relationship

24.  Finding balance

25.  Forward future thinking

26.  Stopped tanning



Five most important accomplishments
1.  Restructure department.

2.  Work on me

3.  Finding a healthy relationship

4.  Finding balance

5. Quitting Masters



Three ways I have grown over the past year:


1.  Learning about myself and my issues

2.  Seeking therapy

3.  OA group work and the twelve steps


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